Painting a perfect wedding picture, Eilean Donan Castle

Watercolour painting recreating a perfect image from Heather and Robert’s wedding day.

Heather is one of the fabulous team at Eilean Donan Castle and looks after all things wedding – if you marry at the castle you will no doubt benefit from her skills at some point on your journey. She loves the castle so much that she was married there in 2015. Heather had in her mind the photograph that she wanted of the couple on their wedding day but due to inclement weather the photograph didn’t turn out quite as she had wanted. 9 years later I was able to create that image in watercolours for her to gift to Robert on their anniversary.

Wedding painting watercolour Eilean Donan Castle

Heather and I chatted about creating this painting for Robert one dreich (very wet and rainy!) day as we were ready for a couple to arrive at the castle for their wedding. Her vision was to see her dress in all it’s glory but also to update the couple’s look (they both embraced covid silver!) to how they are today. I took a quick phone photo of Heather with her beautiful silver hair at the spot for their painting. Later Heather was able to secretly send me a few photos from their wedding day and I blended today and yesterday into one image that encapsulated exactly what Heather had envisioned.

Heather said “It was a very wet and wild 27th February when we got married at Eilean Donan Castle in 2015.
The weather prevented us from getting ‘the’ special picture of us on the bridge that we had hoped for – literally being swept off our feet and not just with the love and joy of our special day!
Having provided Rosie with a few of our wedding photos we asked if she might be able to create ‘something’ from them for us.
Receiving our painting brought forth tears. With her amazing talent and ability to understand – and creatively interpret – what we had hoped she could create, she has provided us with ‘the’ picture, all these years later.

Thank you Rosie from the very bottom of our hearts. We will treasure this forever 💗

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