Skye Sketcher Portfolio – Wedding and Landscape Painting

Being the wedding painter for your special day on the Isle of Skye is an absolute joy. I capture the essence and emotion of the moment with free creativity and a true understanding of the artistic vision you want me to bring to your day. With every brushstroke, I immortalize the atmosphere, the love you share, and the breathtaking landscapes of Skye, creating a personalized masterpiece that will be a cherished keepsake for generations to come. I add an interactive element to the celebration, engaging guests and providing entertainment as they witness the creation of a work of art unfolding amidst Skye’s natural beauty. From capturing intimate moments to showcasing the stunning scenery of Skye, hiring me to paint your Isle of Skye wedding ensures your special day on the Isle of Skye is truly unforgettable.

I also have an enormous joy in painting and sketching the beautiful landscapes with which I am surrounded. Original images available for sale and also open to commissions for particular landscapes in oils.

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Skye Sketcher

Isle of Skye, Scotland